Video Library


I have now obtained many Videos which most have an unbiased opinion because they are not trying to sell anything (each approximately 12 minutes long) which are available on free loan to D.E.C.A.T.S. clients, titles include:-

Best Practice- An Overview
Industrial Combined Heat and Power
Small Scale Combined Heat and Power
Low Temperature Heat Recovery
Management Techniques for Energy Efficiency H & V in Industrial Buildings
Managing Energy in Your Hotel
Energy Efficiency for Profit
Honeywell AQ6000
Exercise Control
Burners for Low Temperature Processes Safety at the Highest Level
Graded Green, makes superior suppliers Whose Risk?
Hazard and Risk Assessment Waste Insineration (Aire & Calder Project)
EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme A Business Opportunity)
The Bottom Line (Cost savings for smaller businesses through improved energy & Envirorunental management)
Nature's Way - Water Quality
Pollution Prevents Pay Envi. Agency
Every little helps (Home)
Metering Matters
Burners for Boilers
Compressed Air Costs
The Morning Smile
Cast Iron Savings
Managing Energy- Retail
Energy Management
Pipe Insulation
Making Motors Pay Dividends
Powerboss--motor controllers
Comfort for sale
Trenchiess Technology
Look at lighting
Ecoflow fuel
Local Authority Buildings
Fuel Savings for Trucks
Easi-Dec Scaffolding
Natwest Energy Management Video
Monitoring and Targeting
Almost A. C. for factories (Breezair)
Computers in Business Etc.

Some of the above could be incorporated in a managers or supervisor's or work force awareness training session which D.E.C.A.T.S. could administer.