General Information


I would like to introduce you to Dawson Energy Conservation and Technical Services (D.E.C.A.T.S.).Outlined below are some of the services we have to offer:-

Energy Conservation (including survey and report)
Training for Energy Conservation and Awareness
Employ for one or more days a month or quarter an Energy Manager on your site(s)
Property Services - MOVING OR NEW PREMISES - ONE STOP to co-ordinate and obtain several quotes on your behalf including your preferred suppliers
Site Services and Heating Services
Gas and Water Audit Analysis
Reduction in GAS tariff (see below)
Reduction in ELECTRICAL tariff (see below)
Plant Layout
Ducting and Fume Extraction
Draughting Services
18 Point Energy Checklist
We Work closely with The Department of Energy, we are also part of Yorkshire Environment & Energy Management Group

There are three possible phases to an energy efficiency programme, many mentioned in the report: Simple 'Good Housekeeping' Measures which can produce energy cost savings of around 10% at no or little cost to the end user. Low Cost Improvements that can lead to increased energy savings in the range of 10 to 15% Medium to high cost investment, bringing the maximum total saving.

In addition to the above, we offer advice on the availability of grants, Lightswitch (50% towards lighting control), Green Business Network, Smart Funding Innovation within Yorkshire and the Humber region, Yorkshire Enterprise 'Profit 3000', advise for the Regional Environmental Action Partnership (REAP) scheme please ask for a leaflet), CREATE for schools via Energy Trust, grants and others and Enhanced Capital Allowances OR see government web site

We give advice on the following, which we are able to supply and fit at very competitive prices. This is one area where an energy survey would highlight whether these items could be incorporated to contribute to savings on your energy bills.

1) Advise on savings. energy on Compressed Air, Gas, Water, Electric, Lighting --- also saving cost and the environment and a competitive edge on others in your trade!

2) Reducing your 'GAS' Bill-Gas Tariff Advisory Service - reduction on your gas bills by between 6% and 48% without any expenditure from over sixty independent gas suppliers. Presently, this is only available to industrial users of over 2500 therms (73267 kW) of gas per annum. D.E.C.A.T.S. normal fee for this type of service is 33 % of the anticipated saving on the first year's gas bill, one single and only payment (90 days), only after contracts have been signed. Ask for a Free quotation! NO Savings, NO Fee!

3) Reducing your Electric tariff, similar to above, saving up to 25%. Ask for a Free quote! NO Savings, NO Fee!

4) Electronic Gents Urinal Water Cistern Controller System, reducing water consumption and therefore, water bills. Your initial outlay would be recovered within twelve months.

5) Install an Energy Management System (EMS) with optimised or fixed times to control heaters, boilers, lights, compressor, zone valves, roof fans, etc., please ask for a booklet &/or quotation.

6) 'Restrictaflow' valve reducing water flow to both hot and cold taps offering a dual saving in the cost of water supplied and its heating. We would anticipate your recovery of the cost of this installation within one month.

7) 'Novitherm' (or similar) panels are installed behind existing central heating radiators. They can be installed quickly and cheaply with the radiators in -situ. They normally result in a saving of up to 26% of the heat that is otherwise lost through the wall. Alternatively, install aluminium foil behind the radiator giving an estimated saving of up to 6%.

8) 'Ecology 2000 Clean Air System' (or similar) which reduces passive smoking, offensive odours and "sick building syndrome", without extracting heat from the room.

9) Attachment to electric AC motors, saving energy, improves motor efficiency, reduces cost ... ask for information, loan of video or arrange free test.

These changes should give you a competitive advantage and result in sustainable improvements in business performance, save money, help to save the environment and climate.