Climate Change Levy

Applications for reduction in 'Climate Change Levy' tax, which was effective in April 200l.

The levy is:-

Electricity 0.43p per kWh (approximately 7%-10% increase)

Coal 0.15p per kWh

Gas 0.15p per kWh (approximately 15% - 20% increase)

LPG 0.07p per kWh

Therefore, additional energy saving suggestions will be required to maintain your present costs.

We can also offer advise on:-

The additional Renewable Fuel Obligation tax at 0.09p/kWh on gas and electric from April 2002

Enhanced Capital Allowances for CHP, Lighting, Energy motors and drives, thermal screens, etc

Have you considered......for example of simple savings...........Electronic Gents Urinal Water Cistern Controller System, reducing water consumption and therefore, water bills. Your initial outlay would be recovered within twelve months, saving hundreds of pounds per annum.